Different Professions At Risk Of Professional Negligence Claims

Professional negligence claims are often thought of as being related only to the most usual professions – the old ones such as law, accountancy and the medical or dental profession. But in fact there are a whole host of professions where someone could be sued for professional negligence!

Private planning consultants could face professional negligence litigation simply because they may give some advice that was wrong or not up to the professional standard that is expected.  That is why planning consultants have a professional body such as the Royal Town Planning Institute offers professional indemnity insurance, to ensure that its members don’t have to worry too much about being sued, (if they exercise due care and attention that is).

A patient or client can also sue their psychotherapist if they feel that the psychotherapist has given them advice that was erroneous or too directional.  The psychotherapist has a duty of care as do all other professionals and they are represented by a professional body.  So if the psychotherapist gives them really poor advice and is actually negligent in how he or she deals with their client, then the client does have the right to take a professional negligence claim against the psychotherapist.  Usually this negligence does not have to prove that any financial loss occurred, merely that the psychotherapist was negligent in their handling of the client.

Human resource consultants can also be sued for negligence if they fail to give good advice that leads to financial loss for their client.  In fact lots of different consultants can face professional negligence claims.  This has resulted in the premiums for health and safety consultancy professional indemnity insurance being exceptionally pricey, simply because the risk of litigation is too high.

Computer consultants, design consultants, engineers, architects, the medical profession and lots of other professions all run the risk of professional negligence litigation and it is unlikely that this situation will change to any large extent at any point in the near future.

Perhaps the irony of the situation is that some lawyers who occasionally conduct professional negligence claims have developed a tendency to become nervous, fearing perhaps that they too will face the wrath of their clients if the claim is not successful and it is for this reason that they may tend to couch their opinions in very cryptic legal terms.  They don’t want to face being on the receiving end of professional negligence litigation themselves if they don’t win the claim taken against another professional! The answer to this is simple – make sure that if you are considering making a claim against a professional, that you instruct specialist professional negligence lawyers.

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