Accountant Negligence

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Accountants and tax consultants are professional experts and have to maintain a high standard of care through the advice they provide. Their advice to both individuals and businesses can be critical and their failure to provide proper advice can prove extremely costly.

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Suing Negligent Accountants – the Need for Specialist Advice and Representation

Negligence by accountants or tax consultant will usually require particularly specialist legal advice as claims can often be commercially complex and often very valuable.

Proving negligent behaviour by an accountant can be complex – and that’s why our professional negligence team includes a highly experienced in-house fully qualified accountant, who works alongside our specialist solicitors in this kind of investigation. His many years of experience as a business owner, financial director of other companies and specialist forensic accountant means that we are ideally placed to provide a one-stop shop for highly specialist investigations into accountant negligence.

Our solicitors can help you establish a case of Accountant Negligence and can estimate your chances of a successful outcome.

Common Types of Accountant Negligence

Amongst the most common areas in which an accountant or tax consultant may be negligent are:

  • Failure to detect fraud after an audit
  • Incorrect share sale valuations
  • Insolvency liabilities
  • Incorrect advice given on capital gains tax and entrepreneur’s relief
  • Negligent tax advice on double taxation treaties, enterprise investments, associated companies corporation tax and taper relief

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