Negligent Solicitors – Disputing Solicitors Fees

When you use the services of a solicitor, they should be upfront with you about any and all fees you might have to pay. If they fail to do this and you end up being charged more than you agreed with the solicitor, you might have a case for disputing solicitors’ fees.

It is a requirement for solicitors to provide you with a written statement of how much their service is likely to cost you. If they fail to do this, you should definitely seek advice as the solicitors in question will have broken professional conduct rules.

Of course, there are some situations when a solicitor might cost you more than you initially anticipated, such as if your case runs for longer than expected or there are unexpected costs associated with your case. Also, a margin of error tends to be built into the cost estimates, but if this is exceed by more than around 20%, you may be able to get your bill reduced to the initial estimate. This isn’t necessarily a case of legal negligence, but it is still worth seeking advice to make sure you follow the right course of action for your particular case.

Sometimes, though, solicitors can be genuinely negligent with their costs, in which case you might be able to make a negligence claim. This can happen, for instance, if you are told that your case will cost a certain amount and that you are likely to win, only for you to be told halfway through that they have already exceeded cost estimate. This can lead to people having to drop cases due to excessive expense and, if you can prove that your solicitor gave you poor costs advice, you could well have grounds for a negligence claim.

As you can imagine, making a professional negligence claim against solicitors is particularly tricky – when suing solicitors you really do need specialist professional negligence lawyers on your side – to advise on your case and give you the best chance of a the outcome you deserve.

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