Audit Negligence

What is audit negligence?

An audit should be an objective and comprehensive examination of a company’s finances resulting in an auditor’s report. Whilst it is, of course, the company retaining the auditor, increasingly the opinion of any auditor is being relied on by people outside the business. However, sometimes auditors make negligent mistakes – and when this happens, the company, or any 3rd party relying on that audit, there can be a huge price to pay.

Professional negligence claims against auditors are often brought either by the company concerned alternatively, by any third-party to whom auditors have vouched the accuracy of the audit – such as the purchasers of an audited business.

Anyone considering making a professional negligence claim against a negligent auditor will need specialist legal advice. Our professional negligence team can help – by initially assessing whether any claim is likely to succeed, and if so, establishing your case for compensation.

Types of Audit Negligence

Perhaps the 2 most commonly found subjects of auditor negligence are:

  • Negligent failure to identify employee fraud during an audit
  • Negligent audits of a company’s accounts

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